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10 octobre 2012

Strange Stranger Records

Stranger Records is an independent label based in London.

If Stranger Records likes your music, the label invites you in London and pays the tickets of the travel, even if you live in an other country.

Stranger Records even offers you a pied-à-terre if you don't know anyone in London.

Stranger Records is so in love with your music that he tells you he will send the tracks of your songs to some producers (possibly John Cale too) to be reworked in optimum conditions.

Then, Stranger Records asks you to send him a DVD with your songs tracks by tracks and some photos of you too, for your future page on the label's website.

Stranger Records says to you he will perhaps have a partnership with a big major record company, necessary condition to sign you a contract.

Stranger Records signs a partnership with a major record company and tells you nothing.

Besides, Stranger Records remains silent, no longer answers your messages.

You don't understand why, there's no reason for such a strange behaviour.

Stranger Records doesn't make any apologizes and returns you your DVD without a word.

This is Stranger Records.

This is a record company new generation.

This is the love of music new generation.





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